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“In the Indiana Dunes I touched the earth and became stronger thereby.”
 – Senator Paul H. Douglas

Existing within Northwest Indiana is a complex dichotomy of heavily industrialized sprawl, peppered with tracts of preserved lands presenting a larger past, lost.
It is within these places that I search for the photographs that depict a universal, yet over-looked beauty. The dunes, marshes, hidden savannas, and sprawling lake vistas whose beauty inspired countless in the past to raise the flag of conservation against the march of encroaching civilization.
Yet the industrial glow of civilization on our horizon is still of such a second nature that the notion of untouched earth is somehow alien to us. How does one go about reconciling the disparity between these competitive ideologies?
Hiking through the wild lands of my home I search for photographs that may provide a rekindling of awareness. A personal study of a region boasting a rich and diverse, yet difficult to define, identity; whose history and future may represent a microcosm for land use issues all 21st century civilizations must address.

-Alex Zaideman, 2011